Trends come and go and it is important to stay current but not be “trendy”.  At LTW we feel that classic always trumps trends when it comes to the bones of a home.

Flooring is not something that can be easily changed once installed.  Unlike a throw blanket, accent chair or bedding, the wood floors you choose should to stand the test of time.  Whether you are staying in your house for 30 years or selling it in 2 years, it is key to select a floor that brings lasting value to your home.

Our favorite wood flooring is White Oak.  We love the texture of the grain and how there are red undertones.  White Oak wood floors add a depth to any room and can be finished in various ways. One of our favorites is to have them lightly wire brushed to add dimension and install in varying widths(4″-10″). You can’t go wrong with White Oak as it brings a natural and raw element to any room.