Tribeca Project | Installation Day

Behind The Scenes

Ever wonder what the chaos before calm looks like on an LTW installation day? So many moving parts and as a team we get the job done…with a lot of hard work and a little humor along the way.

Let’s take a behind the scenes peek at our recent installation in this incredible new building.

Our Tribeca Project, downtown NYC, is a dream for New Yorker’s who are slowly trickling back into the office post covid….whether or not we actually are post covid is still up for debate, however, commercial developers are being extremely savvy and conscientious of the new reality we are all faced with in this new ‘work from home’ environment. The developer of this brand new, gorgeous commercial building has created an innovative and unique office building that blends the finishes and fixtures you’d expect to see in a luxury home with a casual and comfortable open layout. Each floor is an open loft space that welcomes companies to create a new office vibe that feels more like home, instead of the traditional cubicle, corporate environment.

High ceilings, column-free open floors, floor to ceiling glass windows, terraces and a full roof deck are just a few of the cutting edge features for this building. The lobby is flanked with three 15ft tall painted canvases on display gallery style.

Installation Days are like a dance, everyone on the team has a role and are in sync as they move together throughout the installation. Field Assists delicately unpack all of the accessories and set them all up on display before styling. Art hangers, movers and the photographer do their thing while the rest of the team prepares each space.

We staged two separate floors, each one approximately 6,000sq ft. One floor was completely raw and unfinished (we’re talking concrete floors, exposed ceilings and full glass walls) while the other floor was completely finish with luxury fixtures, fittings and a residential style kitchen.

We embraced this new corporate culture, by staging the main center floor area as a casual living room vibe where teams can gather with their laptops and work comfortably versus sitting at their desk all day.

I absolutely love the chaos before the calm and am so grateful for such an incredible team! #ltwdesignteam

Stay tuned for the official project launch coming soon….