The Monthly Edit May

Summer is finally almost here, and I’m all about it! Beach days, lunches al fresco, and more time with my kids—I’m embracing every moment. Of course, I won’t be in vacation mode all the time. We have plenty of exciting projects in motion and a few new project kicking off this summer here at LTW Design … and we can’t wait to share them with you. 

Still, getting away and embracing time off when we can is so important to do. Even if you can only take a day or weekend away to recharge, I say go for it. Sometimes all you need is a quick 3 day trip to reset.

Obsessed with: Dolce Fa Niente

As my landlord in Italy would say to me when I lived in Florence, “dolce fa niente” which means the beauty of doing nothing. (Also said in many movies, including Eat Pray Love!) One thing I learned from living in Italy is there is beauty in just being where you are and enjoying who you are with and not thinking about anything else, like literally nothing else. When on vacation, I’m not a planner (at all!) and love to just go with the flow of whatever we feel like doing each day. For me, I’m a beach girl, always! Give me a hammock on the sand and I’m good.

This month I took 3 days off and surprised my eight year old son with a trip to Montauk to unwind and enjoy some quality one-on-one time together. Having three little ones, I think it’s so special and important to spend as much time with each child individually as I can, so every year they each get a three day trip alone with mom.

In Montauk we found beauty in doing absolutely nothing together, walking on the beach, reading stories, eating, lounging and laughing…oh and did I mention I took 2 of our 4 dogs? Yep, Otis + Miss Lola came with us and it was a blast. The car ride did include many sudden moments of us having to roll down the windows fast for fresh air…my fellow English bulldog owners know what I mean (ha!) …but we love making new memories together. The trips aren’t long, a quick drive to the Hamptons, Newport or Martha’s Vineyard feels like an instant vacay. One of the many reasons I love living + working in the Northeast.

While many may not have the luxury of taking weeks off at a time, planning mini trips like this throughout the summer versus one long one can be great for balance. Plus, it continually gives you multiple things to look forward to. 

Project of the Month: Tribeca Project

Over the past few months, we’ve spent a lot of time working with some incredible clients on projects in New York City. And, one of our frequent spots was downtown. This month we were brought in on a big commercial project to stage two floors in a brand new modern building.

Our clients asked us to stage a finished floor and an unfinished floor to show the possibilities of what the “new” office style of working post-COVID looks like for companies. The goal was to attract new modern companies looking for an unexpected office space for their team and clients.

Designed by architect Roger Ferris, the commercial building meant for offices, retail and restaurants is a vision of glass. It blurs the line between inside and out, so to match this vibe, we wanted the floors we were working on to be chic, light + airy. 

Embracing a calming yet professional feel, we created multiple lounge areas perfect for laptop working or casual meetings. Large sofas invite you to sit and get comfortable, while clean lines + neutral tones keep the vibe tailored, professional and sophisticated. We also staged the space’s open kitchen, long conference table/island, and more. And can we take a moment to look at the gorgeous kitchen design that is open to the main area and an integral part of the office space..genius! It almost feels like working from home.

Wrapped in floor to ceiling glass and each floor measuring approximately 5,000 square feet, it was a stunning canvas to work with. And the city views are inspiring. I have to say, if LTW was opening up a NYC office, this would be the place. The unfinished space below really spoke to me with its exposed concrete floors similar to ours at the LTW Studio and its raw ceiling.

Stay tuned for behind the scenes when this project launches next month!

What’s in My Closet: Linen. Linen. Linen

Did I mention linen? Does it get any easier than throwing on a pair of white linen pants and a tank or a linen dress with a cute hat?…Linen is my summer go-to outfit. If you follow @ltwdesign on insta, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. I highly recommend for my fellow busy moms who don’t have much time to spend getting ready in the morning but want to look pulled together for their day. And I am absolutely loving all the bright colors and beautiful floral print two piece outfits and dresses. I may give them a try but for now, I will be sticking to my tried and true bold neutrals.

Wishing you lots of sunshine (and SPF) as the summer kicks off. I hope we all have a safe, healthy season in store. See you next month! 

Xx Leia