The Monthly Edit March

While it’s still chilly in the Northeast, sunshine + rain are hinting that spring’s warm weather is just around the corner. And, our team is so ready for it! Every year around this time, we edit our staging inventory and design library in preparation for new projects. Shaking off winter and looking toward what’s ahead!

This spring, we’ll be hitting the road for projects in Florida, The Hamptons + California. We’re also headed to High Point Market in North Carolina. More on that next month….for now, let’s get into what we were up to in March.

Obsessed with: Travertine + Plaster

Yes, I’m getting specific this month! What’s our favorite color, you ask? TEXTURE. Here at LTW Design, texture IS a color and we treat it as such when we are creating color palettes. While our aesthetic and projects remain very monochromatic, with bold neutrals, we always layer different textures to create depth. And lately, I’ve been especially into these two all-star materials.

Travertine, a soft natural stone typically formed in hot springs, has a smooth texture with rugged details. It often has holes or pits. To me, these unique imperfections are what make it so special. 

Plaster starts as a paste and hardens upon drying for a touchable + raw yet delicate-looking texture. Using it on walls adds interest and warmth to a space, but there are also smaller ways to incorporate this texture. We particularly love on accent furniture.

Pieces I’m Loving: Accent Items

To bring in a mix of textures, I’m all about choosing the right accent pieces. That’s why we frequently create custom designs and also have a huge warehouse of furnishings, artwork, + accessories (my happy place!). 

These days, I add travertine and plaster to spaces with items like coffee tables, side tables, vases, bowls, and more. But, don’t forget to keep things balanced. Consider oversized pillows, cozy throws, and woven rugs to add in softness, too. Take a peek at our Del Mar Project below and see if you can locate where we added plaster accent furniture.

Project of the Month: Del Mar Project

Every home has a story, and we’ve loved being part of the the Del Mar Story. Previously featured on the cover of Architectural Digest, the owners had a vibrant design style that gave their waterfront residence a joie de vivre

Behind The Scenes

Staging prep meant the LTW team removing 90% of the homeowner’s items, including artwork, furniture, books and drapery (let’s let that natural light in!)

Once the home was stage ready, we delivered our inventory and began the staging installation.

The Photoshoot

A Quick Look At The Before

Let’s Look At The After

Though full of life and beautiful memories, personalized spaces like this usually make it difficult for buyers to see themselves living in the home. That’s where we come in. The owners, who have homes in the US + abroad, asked us to stage their $11 million property to appeal to the modern buyer. 

We had a large canvas to stage with open spaces, high ceilings, tons of built-ins, and endless water views. Removing their furniture and tapping into our warehouse inventory, we designed an interior marketing plan to develop a light, bright, + inviting vibe that highlights the coastal location. 

With hundreds of items to hang, style, and move in, install day was a blur! There were many moving parts, but through the chaos and fun, our calming + minimalist vision came to life.  

The home’s sophisticated, neutral, and casual spaces are now ready to welcome buyers. Not to mention those views…truly incredible! With water on both sides of the property, those natural blues are the only pops of color this staging project needed.

Stay tuned and we’ll be sharing more photos + videos of this large-scale project soon!

What’s in My Closet: Tees I Adore

You can never go wrong with a plain white tee, but I have a few favorites I love to put on because of their messages. During such heavy time in the world, I’ve been reaching for my “More Love” tee by Sundry as a small way to spread love and encouragement. 

Simple and crisp, it has an effortless look layered under a blazer or long coat. 

Pro Tip: Go for Textured Artwork

If you’re obsessed with texture like me, but don’t want to go out and buy new furniture, try adding it in through artwork. Plaster artwork can have a gorgeous effect and provide just the pop of texture a space needs.

As always, thanks so much for following along! We have an exciting few months ahead at LTW Design, so be sure to check in next month, too.