The Monthly Edit June

We’re now halfway through the year, can you believe it?! I love the month of June for many reasons: my son’s birthday month, the official start of summer and the half year check in. I use this time to pause, take stock of the first six months of the year and think about what I want the rest of 2022 to look like. I challenge you to do the same! Set your intentions.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day and June always sneaks up on us and reminds us how fast time is going by and how important it is to set intentions and continue to manifest.

Currently Obsessed With: Summer’s Shapes + Textures

Here in the Northeast, every season has gorgeous displays of nature to take inspiration from. Loving the beach as I do, I’m definitely biased toward summer and always swoon over the organic shapes, lines, curves, and textures these months have to offer. 

A curling wave, the feeling of sand on our feet, blue skies and sea grass blowing in the dunes…it’s all so good and so inspirational. Since neutrals rule in my book, I’m mainly on the lookout for interesting shapes + unexpected textures that make a statement. Linen, concrete, oak, cedar and glass moments are everywhere right now, keep your eyes open for inspo! You’ll also notice a lot of these in our projects.

Pieces I’m Loving: Finishing Touches

Design Projects can often take months or years depending on the scope, so it’s the final styling (that last step – think the bow + wrapping paper on a gift) that provides the opportunity to add this juicy final details. With unique + organic accessories, you can switch up a home’s look so easily from summer to fall or casual to chic depending on your vibe.  

Sculptural vessels are always a “yes” for me. Different shapes speak to different clients, which allows them to put their spin on a room, too. Round white vases can look like stones from the shore for a coastal feel, while more angular pieces can add an edge for a modern, chic feel.

Oversized coffee table books are another must. Not only are they bold in scale, but they also help show our client’s personality. I love that with a few key books, I can walk into someone’s home and instantly get a feel for their interests. One of our client’s loves race cars while another loves travel and fashion. The LTW Team has fun sourcing these coffee table books and use it as an opportunity to personalize each project.

Project of the Month: Barrow Design Project

Currently in progress, we are one year into working with our amazing clients on their new home. An awesome NYC family is ditching the bright lights + downtown views in Tribeca for land, extra space, and the beautiful treetop views further outside the city.

Of course, with such a big move + lifestyle change, it’s important to get it right…we were brought onto the project early on and have been able to create on the design from its conception. 

It all started with the stucco + limestone exterior for an unexpected modern vibe—serving up LA style on the East Coast. The rest of our vision for the home fell into place naturally from there. Here are a few behind the scenes pics.

The goal has always been to keep it warm but minimal for this family with young kids. They are true believers in less is more, just like us. Aligning on this has made the process so seamless. They speak our language. 

While this project isn’t finished just yet, we’re getting close and can share some details we’re loving. Black windows (no grilles) and a 20-foot, two-story entry are some of the home’s first impression “wow” moments. 

LTW Rendering

Other design elements we’re excited to see come to life include custom white oak beams, custom cabinetry, wallpaper, and layers upon layers of texture.

Stay tuned for the final LTW installation end of summer…

Summer Playlist: On Repeat At The Studio

Music is good for the soul. Healing, energizing, and FUN. Whether we are at the studio or on an installation, music is always playing. Want to know what’s on my playlist lately? It’s always filled with Otis Redding, but we also have some LTW faves. 

What you’ll hear when you walk into the LTW Design Studio this summer…

Ily (I love you baby) by Surf Mesa, Emilee (on repeat)


Juicy by Biggie Smalls


Otis Redding

Have a great summer + be sure to check back in July. Until then…

Xx Leia