The Monthly Edit July

We just had our busiest month of the year by far! So, for the July edit, I’m going to catch my breath for a minute and catch you up…

Summer Update

Summer so far has been a blast + a blur… I’ve loved joining our site visits and taking meetings with clients outside—we really get to connect and spend time with our clients in the summertime. With more daylight, we’ve also had more working hours and have been super productive and equally exhausted.

As a designer, business owner and mama, however, it’s so important to have the energy to put into my projects, kids, clients, team — and into the everyday logistics—to deliver spaces our clients love. That’s why the entire LTW Design team is taking August off to TAKE A BREAK! I haven’t taken a month off in…maybe ever? It’s a big moment and we have strategically planned for this special time set aside for travel, friends and family.

This time away is essential for our team to explore creatively and come back with full tanks to give our projects the absolute best of ourselves. Here’s a peek at where some of our projects stand as we head off.

Quick Progress Report on just a few of our design projects…

Monroe Project

This is a new project we’re so excited about because it’s not often we design for a Gatsby-style home. As much as we love the stunning glass boxes developers are doing currently, this residence has that “Old World mansion” charm that feels magical. It has a lot of character and good bones in its 12,000sq ft.

After presenting the entire design concept to our clients at the LTW studio, it’s all systems go and we can’t wait to get everything ordered and to start moving into phase two of the project..

Gather Project

Almost at the finish line, the final installation of our Gather Design Project is coming soon, so stay tuned! We’ve spent over a year working with a family who lives all over the globe to help them create a sophisticated + casual home where they can spend time together. Coming in from London, California, and NYC, this is where they will gather when they are all in the states.

As of now, the custom beam work is up + all the details we custom-designed are in. We’re just waiting for the furniture…sound familiar my fellow designers? Waiting for furniture?

Newport Project

A fairly new design project, we’re working with the sweetest family moving from downtown NYC to a gorgeous new house by the water. We’ve presented our entire design plan to them at the LTW Studio and cannot wait to see the rest unfold. It’s modern coastal that is both relaxed and sophisticated for their growing family.

Lounge Project

Our lounge project clients have a big, gorgeous home, but they craved a lounge area for adults. A chic kid-free zone. So, the entire third level is going to be transformed into an enormous lounge, including a 12-foot bar, upper and lower lounge areas, and space for a DJ + bartender. It’s truly an entertainer’s dream!

What’s in My Suitcase: Carry-On Staples

I’m a carry-on girl, always. Even on a 10-day trip to Europe, I curate my packing so a carry-on is all I ever need. Being the daughter of a US Marine, I was taught early on how to pack ‘military style’ which allows for every inch of the carry on to be fitted just perfectly. What can I say? “Less is more” is my life + design motto, is it surprising I travel light?

For shoes, it’s sandals, wedges, sneakers, done. As usual, I lean on neutrals that are easy to mix and match. When I’m on a trip, I like to create effortless outfits from a few favorite pieces. After all it’s vacation, who wants to waste time on planning outfits when we can be laying on the beach?!

Currently Obsessed with: All Things Supergoop!

You learn something new every day, and I just learned that Supergoop! isn’t part of Gwyneth Paltrow’s brand goop?! I was so surprised! Are you with me here or was I the last to know? Either way, Supergoop! has really figured out the secret to sunscreen and I’ve been obsessed for years. Here are some of my favorite products and how I use them:

Unseen Sunscreen – This is an all-around winner. I love it and my kids love it, especially while they’ve been going to summer camp every day. It applies completely clear and has a gel-like consistency. 

Sunscreen Sticks – Another kid favorite, my three love using the sticks to put sunscreen on themselves. And, I’m all for the independence! 

Mineral Matte Screen – For shoot days when being shiny is not the move, this is great for evening and mattifying skin.

Glow Screen – During summer, it’s a bit easier to get my glow on. Sun, sweat, or the sea make it pretty doable. As we head into fall and winter, this is one I’ll reach for more!

On the Horizon: A Team Creativity Pause

Being in a creative field, it’s easy to get caught up in the little details or in running the business, so it’s so necessary to take a step back to let your mind wander for future projects.

July was go, go, go at LTW. To get prepped for our upcoming creative pause, we hunkered down and worked in overdrive the last few months. Every minute was so worth it, and all our projects are in great shape for when we return.

Collectively, our team will be traveling to England, France, California, Utah and Colorado for rest, mental space and adventures. 

We’ll also bring back texture, shape, and color inspiration from these distinct corners of the world. I seriously can’t wait to see how this time of travel influences our next projects.

Thank you as always for following along. Wishing you a fantastic last month of summer ahead, and I hope you can take some time to have fun, relax, and create space to feed your creativity.

Xx Leia