The Monthly Edit: January

We are still in the midst of this pandemic but it’s a new year which means new possibilities, right? New projects, new clients, new experiences, even possibly some new clothes…I’m embracing it all and here’s the low-down on what my team and I have been up to in this first month of 2022.

Obsessed with: Adding Warmth with Wood

Fireplaces + candles have their moments, but when I’m designing a space, my go-to way to warm it up is by adding a layer of wood. Whether on the walls or ceiling or in the form of wood beams, it makes an impact and warms up a modern home. See what we are doing below at our Gather Design Project (in progress).

Another way I like to add warmth with wood and quickly update your home is by switching the stain on your floors, cabinets, or banisters is a great way to make a significant change. Wondering which stain is my all-time favorite? Read on.  

Home of the Month: Gather Design Project

In progress…

I skipped making New Year’s resolutions this January. Instead, it’s such a good feeling to start off the year making major strides on a project.

We’ve been working on our Gather Design Project for eight months now and, in these past weeks, everything has really started to take shape and come to life. It won’t be long before we’re showing our clients their finished house after we the final installation with furniture…the reveal is hands down my favorite part of the entire design process. 

Behind The Scenes

Located in a beach town, we’re pulling out all the stops for this brand new home. Our clients are from London, New York City, and California, so we’re having fun blending vibes from each place to reflect them perfectly. Drawing on these locations and bringing in our firm’s signature touches, the final aesthetic will combine approachability with refined sophistication.

Our Project Renderings

Our renderings and a look at the behind-the-scenes pics should give you an idea of the direction the spaces are headed. And, we can’t wait to share the end result with you…Spring 2022 (or possibly summer if these lead times do not cooperate with us!)

What’s In My Closet: A New Bag

Meet Polene

If you’re a longtime reader or follower, you know I keep it simple + clean in both my LTW projects + in my wardrobe. My mornings are hectic with 3 little kids and I literally spend 10min getting myself ready which means I have to keep my wardrobe extremely streamlined so I can grab and go. The easiest way to do this is by only having 3 colors in my closet so whatever I grab always matches (black, white, gray) and I do the same with my bags. My absolute favorite bag color is this tan/camel bc it goes with EVERYTHING. So, let’s get straight to my new love: the Parisian Bag “Number One” by POLÈNE.

Functional, beautiful + handmade, you’ll see it coming with me everywhere this season. It works with jeans, a white, tee and sneakers when I’m with the kids and with work clothes when I’m meeting with clients.

I’m kind of OBSESSED.

Shop The Bag

Polene On Site

Pro Tip: Some Wood Stain Wisdom

Here’s how to achieve my tried-and-true favorite wood stain, a secret I’ve kept close. White oak with two coats of Nordic creates the perfect color in my book. But don’t worry if your floors are red oak and it’s too pricey or time-consuming to completely replace them…. For that same light + airy effect, try sanding your red oak floors down and simply adding those same two coats of Nordic on top. 

Tip For The Road: Moisturize On-The-Go

All year, I’m running around. I go from project to project and from places like Greenwich to Manhattan to the Hamptons. Through it all, I’ve learned that in the extreme dryness of winter, having a great hand cream nearby is a must. I love the Dr. Barbara Sturm hand cream, but any dermatologist-recommended drugstore find will do to keep you hydrated and comfortable. Toss one in your bag, one in your car, and one by the kitchen sink. You’ll thank me later…!

I hope January has treated you well and that some of my quick takeaways from this month help you get inspired to create this year. Stay healthy + safe, and we’ll be back with more to share soon! 

Xx Leia