The Monthly Edit February

Often, it’s the little things in life that matter most. So, in honor of February—a small but mighty month of the year, we are focusing on the smaller things that we love like our Sparrow Project, quality over quantity and how making small changes in homes this time of year can have a positive impact. #lessismorealways

Obsessed With: Quality Over Quantity

This is something I wholeheartedly believe in and carry with me in all areas of life. I always aim to put quality over quantity in my both my personal life + work life when it comes to my friendships, projects, team, clients, clothes, wardrobe, skincare, etc. Keeping it simple and real is what I value and, it’s served me well so far.

Project of the Month: Sparrow Project

At our Sparrow Project, our clients were preparing to sell their house (at some point) but wanted to benefit from making updates and living in their staged house for a little before they decide to put it on the market. Needless to say, we were thrilled to refresh their home and brighten it up with a coat of new paint, some new light fixtures and by refinishing the floors.  A nice change of pace before they part ways with their house.  For now, let’s take a peek at how we transformed their traditional living room into a clean lined dining room flooded with natural light.

The home had great bones—high ceilings, tons of windows, and elegant moldings—so we knew small tweaks were the move here. Sanding down the floors to reveal their natural, lighter color  and painting the walls white set the foundation for the airy vibe we were going for.


When it came time to stage, a mix of bold neutrals + and soft textures created the approachable feeling of casual sophistication we love. The custom made fluted dining room table paired with sculptural white chairs is one of my favorite spots in the home. Simple, welcoming, and serene, the spaces now feel like anyone could live and unwind here.


The wood floors in the entry were stained green + white and we sanded them down to their natural color and added a clear sealer for durability.

Happy clients were the best end result, though, and we may have even given them some inspo for their next home!

What’s In My Closet: Teddy Coats

As much as I want to, I can’t hide from the Northeast’s icy winters. I’m a warm weather girl at heart (put me in a hammock on a beach and I’m happy) but cold winters are my reality so instead, I’ve been embracing the brisk weather with super soft and cozy teddy coats.

Pro Tip: Small Changes Make a Big Difference

There’s a whole lot of nothing we can do about lead times right now, which are now creeping into September 2022! But instead of getting frustrated by delays, we’re encouraging our clients to focus on fun things they can do in the meantime that make a huge impact. 

  1. Edit + declutter rooms. For example, giving away old trinkets or heavy drapery is an easy way to pare down your spaces. It instantly creates a calmer feel.
  1. Get offline and go to an actual store (imagine that) where items are available to buy accessories or artwork. Finding pieces you love for your shelves or walls can give you and your home an immediate mood boost.
  2. Style your rooms with greenery. We recommend using oversized branches from the backyard to add a sculptural feel as well as flowers to your home. 
  3. When picking flowers, stick to one color per vase for an elevated feel. I love cutting all white or all light pink tulips down to about 4” stems and placing them in a short glass by the bed (like a 5-star hotel style).

Adding branches and flowers will make you smile and hold you over until the warm weather arrives.

Leia T. Ward

Tip for the road: Don’t Skip Your Face Peels in the Winter

Fear of dry skin is real and understandable, but I’m pro-peels all year. To maintain a glow, even in these cold months, I use M-61’s PowerGlow® Peel every other night. Twice a week I use Savor Beauty’s Lemon Yuzu peel which slightly burns but is worth the pain. Both have been a game-changer for me during the winter months.

To close out this Monthly Edit, I want to take a moment to say I know world events keep getting more intense and unsettling, but I hope you’re still able to find some comfort, joy, and love everyday in your life and in your environment at home. The world is crazy enough and we are all so busy and I truly believe that if we create a calm and balanced design in our home it becomes our refuge. 

Don’t forget to take care of yourself, see you next month.

Xx Leia