The Monthly Edit August

We’re back from our August “pause”, and we have so much to share. While I traveled in the US, taking in new places + experiences out West, other members of the LTW team were off exploring England, Spain and France. We all enjoyed beautiful views, indulgent meals, and have returned inspired and ready for our Fall projects.

Processing it all back in here the Northeast now, I’ve been totally…

Obsessed with: Vibes of the West

Lodge at Blue Sky

I decided to go West on a solo trip to Utah for some very intentional R&R (a first for me!). I actually paused for the first time since I started LTW Design five years ago. I wanted something quiet, unfamiliar and remote. After some restorative time in Utah, later in the month I visited Colorado + California. A one-on-one trip with my daughter in Cali was very special…with three kids it often feels like we are always herding all three along so I try to make ‘mom time’ with each of them and go somewhere special whenever I can…a broadway show, an overnight in Montauk or just a movie.

My solo trip to Utah was beautiful opportunity to unplug. Have you ever fully unplugged? I mean no social media, no emails, no texting…but tv did make the cut! It was an incredible experience and I met people I will never forget. More to come on that in a later blog on Utah. For now, here are a few pics…

Lodge at Blue Sky
Lodge at Blue Sky
Lodge at Blue Sky
Lodge at Blue Sky Spa
Earth Suite
Lodge at Blue Sky

Of course, the designer in me was always open to inspiration. Whether I was in the rugged mountains, eating at a coastal LA restaurant or driving through the Santa Monica mountains to Malibu, ideas for upcoming projects kept coming to me. I’m so ready to bring pieces of my travels into our upcoming projects. From warm neutrals to artisans I stumbled upon, there was so much inspiration. Seriously, bring on Fall!

Lodge at Blue Sky

Project of the Month: Birch Project

We’re excited to be back at our Birch Design Project for round two, working with wonderful repeat clients. The homeowners, purchased a beautiful home that had traditional architectural details (wide crown molding, etc.) and as it turns out, the bones don’t exactly fit the more modern California vibe they were seeking. 

At first, they just brought us on to do the furnishings. Now, over a year later, after living with the more modern pieces, they decided it’s time to go all in and we went to town. Bye-bye crown molding, dark stained floors and the traditional kitchen. We are opening walls, redoing the kitchen, adding windows, glass doors, new stair railings and redoing the mudroom + pantry. We’re thrilled to be back at our Birch Project.

It’s been a fun, unique process because we’re working backwards. All the furnishings + final touches are set and it’s time to make more significant structural + material changes. 

Once it’s done, we’ll simply place the furnishings that we designed last year back in. Stay tuned on Insta for before + after shots in the next few months.

Pro Tip: How To Bring A Relaxed California Vibe Into Your Space

No matter where you live, you can achieve an effortlessly cool, California vibe in your home. So many of our clients request this look + here are some of my top tips for making it happen…

  • Use all white bedding and soft, wrinkled linen duvet covers. 
  • Keep a consistent color palette. Every space should have roughly the same neutral color palette to give your home a cohesive + natural atmosphere reminiscent of Malibu. I recommend a palette of 3 colors…and yes, wood tones count as a color. (Ie. black, white + white oak)
  • For white paint, I have two major go-tos. If your home is modern, go with Chantilly Lace + use Simply white if you have a more traditional home.
  • Always layer + mix textures. Grab some woven baskets, linen throws, linen pillow covers, linen wrapped coffee table books, etc.
  • Oversized photography of the coast, surfers + anything West coast.

Tip for the Road: Soak Up These Last Moments of Summer

Take it all in! Summertime gives us so much more daylight which means more time. Longer days mean more opportunities. Even though August is over, we still can have some beach days and warm nights well into September. Soak it up.

Malibu, CA

This past month, I was reminded how important time away is and how crucial it is to create space to nurture creativity. I hope you’re able to press “pause” if even for an hour to take time for yourself.

We have some exciting things happening this Fall and can’t wait to share with you what’s in store for the rest of 2022.

Xx Leia