Tavern Island

At LTW Design we love a unique project which is why we had so much fun staging Tavern Island, an exclusive residence set on a privately owned island off of the Rowayton Coast.

Accessible only by private boat and overlooking New York City in the distance, this enchanting property steeped in history was first inhabited by European settlers in 1651. It stood watchful during the British invasion of Norwalk in the War of Independence and if the whispers are true it was also the setting for numerous glitzy parties. Names on the guest list included Marilyn Monroe, Barbara Streisand and Maureen O’Sullivan.

The island consists of a Tudor style manor house along with an arrangement of other structures including a guest house, game house, tea house and caretaker’s house. And we can’t forget the two private beaches, pool, and views galore.

How do you stage an island?

A lot of boat rides…

Accessible only by private boat, our team carefully loaded the vessel and made many trips back and forth to ensure all staging items made it to the island and nothing went overboard!

With such a captivating exterior, simplicity was key for this project as there is so much beauty for your eye to look at on the island.  Our staging design inside the manor house, game house and tea house was kept quiet and  welcoming to purposefully draw buyers in without competing with the tranquil views from every inch of the property.

We kept the aesthetic neutral and low profile so as not to obstruct any sight lines and let the outdoor scenery shown through the oversized picture windows serve as the artwork in each room.

We are happy to share that after being staged, Tavern Island SOLD for $7.8M.

“It’s its own world,  it’s magical out there. You don’t feel you are anywhere near land.

… You don’t need a passport.”