Sugar Hill Project

We’re always excited to share new projects with you and our Sugar Hill project is no exception! Set on 46 acres and reminiscent of an English manor house, its glamorous history consists of 4 famous owners dating back to the 1930’s. Let’s take a closer look at this stunning estate and see behind the scenes of our transformation of this 12,837sq ft home.

Built in 1934, Sugar Hill has been home to many historical figures including, Henry Luce – founder of Time Magazine, Life, Fortune, and Sports Illustrated and his wife, Clare Booth Luce (author, politician, U.S. Ambassador and public conservative figure), as well as Hans Peter Kraus – one of the world’s foremost rare-book dealers whose collection included a Gutenberg Bible.  

The house’s most recent owner was famous model and fashion designer, Basha Szymanska who lived fabulously inside its walls and threw many glamorous high society parties on the estate’s expansive grounds.

From our first viewing of the property it was clearly apparent how much the owner had loved living here. From high gloss pink and green walls to leopard print carpets and colorful artwork, her chic personal stamp was seen in the design and layout of every room.

Before (Entry)
After (Entry)

Our LTW team went all in to transform the interiors in preparation of bringing it to market for the first time in 30 years. Our initial design meetings focused on replacing 56 light fixtures and painting 12,837sq ft of space.

Before (Main Center Hall)
After (Main Center Hall)

Our goal was to create a “light + airy” space that speaks to the modern buyer.

Before (Great Room)
After (Great room)

This great room went from a high glam feminine space to a monochromatic light and airy modern-esque space.

Great Room

You know how much we love symmetry! Staying true to our brand aesthetic of calming and balanced spaces, as soon as we saw this centered door we jumped at the chance to create a symmetrical design on each wall. Doesn’t that just say ahhhh, deep breath? We find it so calming to see symmetry in homes. We gave a nod to the homes heritage by layering in oversized fashion + art books throughout the space.

Before (Reading Room)
After (Reading Room)

Who doesn’t love a good contrast? We went all in with matte black walls and white trim for the reading room. Our modern white chaise and hair on the hide rug gave that pop of contrast we were looking for. To connect this stark contrast of black + white that we created, we layered in linen covered art books, a camel cashmere throw and some greenery to soften things up.

Before (Office)
After (Office)
Before (Dining Room)
After (Dining Room)

Hands down our favorite addition to this room was the modern arm crystal chandelier. This was a team favorite! We opened up the space to show off the floor to ceiling French doors and sourced this crystal ball light fixture to bounce the light around the room.

Before (Sitting Room Off Indoor Pool)
After (Sitting Room Off Indoor Pool)

Complete with indoor and outdoor pools, tennis courts, expansive manicured lawns, a guest house, 11 car garages, greenhouse and more privacy than you can dream of, this estate has everything you could ever need.