STYLING SERIES: Minimalist Holiday Decor Tips

‘Tis the season…for minimalists, too! While bejeweled wet bars or overflowing shelf styling brings joy to some during the holidays, minimalists have their own way of getting festive. Trust me, I’ve been doing it for years. 

It is already such a busy time of year and with that can come some added things to our to-do lists and like in our projects, we believe that less is more for holiday decor as well. Being festive doesn’t have to mean transforming your entire home into a fairytale or a winter wonderland. While that is fun, if you’ve been trying to figure out how to stay true to your minimalist self while still celebrating this time of year or if you’re simply trying to pare down your typical all-out approach, these quick tips are for you.

  1. FAUX FUR: Throws + Pillows

A simple but effective way to ready your home for cozy days by the fire or holiday movie nights is to swap out your throw blankets and pillows. Say goodbye to lighter linens pillow covers and bring in super soft faux fur.


  1. EUCALYPTUS: For your mantle, counters, empty vases and wreaths
West Elm

To create a fresh feel while making your home festive, reach for eucalyptus instead of the traditional and expected garlands. With a lighter color and calming aroma, we prefer it and love placing it around the house at this time of year. Try laying it across your mantle, adding it into large vases, or hanging a Eucalyptus wreath on the front door. 

West Elm

3. BRASS: Lean on this shiny neutral for your tableware

Photo by: Michael Graydon/Nikole Herriott Design by: Stacey Smithers


While scrolling on Instagram or Pinterest, you may be tempted to buy new patterned plates or glasses in bright colors. If that brings you holiday bliss, go for it! But, for an effortless and minimalist table setting, go with this fun neutral every time. It’s classic, sophisticated, and inviting (you can also use again during the year).  

Of course, there is no “right” way to decorate for the holidays, but for us at LTW Design, less things equals less stress which leaves us more time to focus on what matters…spending time with friends and family.

From our family at LTW Design to yours, happy decorating!