Styling A Coffee Table

One of our favorite ways to define a space is by how we style a coffee table. Seems simple enough, right? Pick a few things you like and then place them on the table? If only it was that simple.

After styling thousands of coffee tables of all shapes and sizes, we’ve narrowed our process down and created tips for you to try in your space. Whether your coffee table is square, round or rectangular, here are our TOP 5 TIPS:


We always say it, “less is more” and we have built our brand aesthetic on this philosophy so when it comes to what you put on your coffee table be sure they are items that you LOVE and that make you FEEL GOOD just by looking at them. We recommend picking between 4-6 pieces. For example, 1 vase, 2 coffee table books, 1 object and greenery. Too many items can look cluttered and leave no room for actual use of the coffee table.

We recommend styling with 4-6 items. (Song Project)


Play with varying sizes and heights to create depth and dimension, this adds interest. We recommend playing with 3 different heights, such as a tall vase, a medium height sculpture and a set of low books. Have fun with scale, we love bold pieces that feel heavy and add weight to the space (an oversized wide vase) then layer in slightly smaller pieces in different shapes. Thick wood beads or a magnifying glass on top of large coffee table books or a set of 2 different sized stacked boxes could do the trick!

An oversized modern + bold vase combined with smaller scale items creates interest and dimension. (Sugar Hill Project)


It sounds crazy but we actually select our coffee table books first by the color of the book + font of the text and then by the topic. If we love art and have a monochromatic room, we’ll need a neutral color book with a clean modern font. If we can’t find it, we’ll expand the search to architecture or fashion until we find a book in a topic we like that aesthetically fits our design for the space. Remember, everything on your coffee table is part of your room design. Everything is thought out and strategically selected.

This neutral room full of texture, linen wrapped neutral toned books fit perfectly. (Brush Island Project)


This is the FUN part and let’s just say its always a creative process. We never recommend placing items in a straight line, we prefer a more organic approach. The goal is for it to look effortless, as if we just simple placed things there naturally but let’s be honest…everything is always considered – even where a vase is placed. We recommend grouping items together or creating a “U” shape, two pieces towards the top and one below and in between. Our advice is to be creative, move and shift pieces until it feels just right. If it’s a super modern space, we sometimes only have 1 item placed in the center and that’s it.

Here we created two off-center groupings and used varying heights. (Shore Project)


Once you have your favorite pieces, in the color tones that compliment the room and you’ve placed them perfectly…the last step and the finishing touch is to add some life to your masterpiece. We love tall branches for an earthy feel, large palm leaves for a modern look or short cut flowers for a more refined aesthetic, it will add life to your space!

Greenery created height + added life to this space. (Elm Project)