Shore Design Project

When our clients reached out to us looking to design their family room into a space that looked like it was meant for adults but had to be durable enough for kids and dogs, we knew this was the project for us. So many families want their house to look nice and professionally designed but also need it to be completely functional to withstand the daily use that it gets with kids and pets. Having 3 little kids and 2 very big dogs, I could relate. So here’s what we did…

Books provided pops of color.

We used an indestructible perennials fabric that not only looks pretty, it’s tough enough to handle any and all stains you can imagine. We chose an off white textured linen, the two-toned texture has dimension and depth to help hide any dirt, etc. We need all the help we can get when it comes to kids and pets!

Custom artwork by our in house painter.

While we are known for our consistent use of bold neutrals, we added pops of color with our clients beautiful books. Our overall palette was black, white and navy with tons and tons of TEXTURE (velvet, linen, marble, oak, wool, shagreen…yes please!)

The room had to comfortably seat 10 people, enter our two 10ft sofas and 2 swivel chairs. Our “U” shape floor plan provides a conversational set-up that faces their beautiful floor to ceiling stone fireplace. We imagined many game nights and movie nights here while designing this space.

How many different textures can you count? Answer: 11

Who says you can’t have it all? A sophisticated space that our clients can feel proud of when their adult friends come over that is also strong enough to withstand playdates and paws.

Every detail matters.