Our 5 Tips for Sustainable Spring Cleaning

It comes at the same time every year. The craving to declutter, deep clean, refresh, + ready our homes for warmer months. There’s something about having clear counters that just soothes the soul, right? But, we all know the results of spring cleaning can be short-lived…then before we know it, we are back to our old habits and things begin piling up.

Here are some of my top tips for spring cleaning that’s sustainable long-term. Getting into these habits will keep your spaces looking tidy, minimal, and calming all year.

  1. Assess Your Items

The tidying queen, Marie Kondo, advises asking yourself if things spark joy and discarding what doesn’t. I would also recommend asking yourself, “Do I use this item and is it necessary?”

These simple but effective questions are the key to figuring out what books, clothes, memorabilia, and décor to keep. This spring, you can use them as a guide to find + remove items that only contribute to clutter, not to your happiness or the functionality of your home.  You can learn more about her Konmari Method at konmari.com

Photo courtesy of the Container Store
  1. Color Coordinate Your Wardrobe

Once you’ve given away any clothes you no longer love or wear, it’s time to get organized. I create color palettes in my closet, which makes it easy to grab pieces for my outfits no matter the occasion. For busy moms who don’t have long to get ready (like me!), I especially recommend this technique.

Photo courtesy of California Closets
  1. Spend 15 Minutes A Day Tidying

Some people love to clean, for others, it’s a chore. But, if we can find 15 minutes per day to watch a show or take a meeting, it’s worth trying to find 15 minutes per day to tidy up. After doing a big spring cleaning weekend, try putting this tip into practice. When you do a little bit each day, you can maintain a clean + relaxing environment well beyond April.

  1. Keep Minimal Colors on Display

When things aren’t perfectly tidy, a neutral room always looks more tailored + peaceful than a space where color is everywhere. In main areas or guest bedrooms, display things like white bedding, oatmeal throws, or gray vases to ensure a sophisticated, fresh vibe.  

  1. Use Chic Storage Options

Woven or leather baskets look great in mudrooms, entryways, playrooms, etc, and help keep things organized + out of sight. Try adding them into the shelves of your built-ins and giving each one a specific purpose. As a bonus, little kids often have fun putting their toys away once you show them which bins to use. 

Photo by Austin Eterno

Cleaning your spaces is cleansing to the home, but also to the mind, body, and spirit. For me, a tidy home is a mood booster and it reduces my stress. I hope these quick tips help get your spring cleaning off on the right foot, so you and your spaces enjoy tranquility that will last!