Mercer Project $6.7M

It’s always a fun day at work when we get to design a staging for a brand new home created by a team of highly talented artists. Our Mercer Project was just that. From the fixtures + finishes to the layout + design, there wasn’t one detail overlooked in this $6.7M abode.

In order to create a lifestyle experience for potential buyers, our team chose a color palette of bold neutrals that spoke to the existing design elements of the home. We used black, white, wood and stone accessories that were consistent with the materials used on both the interior and exterior (designed by Prabjeet Greene) which allowed for a cohesive feel from outside to inside for potential buyers. It was important for us to create an environment that felt both refined and relaxed.

The kitchen is filled with light, mixed materials and elevated accents that work together to create an inviting combination of minimalism + warmth. Something we are asked a lot….is possible to have a space that is both minimalist and warm?… YES, it is!!

Two surprises we loved in this project were the incredibly fun and enormous pendants in the entry (who wouldn’t love to be greeted by these everyday) and the chic mudroom built into the back gallery hall of windows. Both of these designed by the talented Prabjeet Greene. This was such an unexpected surprise and something we are hoping to see more off in new home design versus the mudroom tucked in the back of the house. We loved how it was incorporated into the main area of the home, its not only beautiful but is so functional!

We are happy to report sold so fast…congrats to the new family!