How To Style Any Surface – 3 Simple Tips

We are excited to be featured in this month’s issue of Modern Luxury Magazine, the Boston edition. The focus of the feature is a topic we are often asked about from clients, friends, instagram followers and just about anyone who is interested in creating a minimal but balanced surface with their accessories.

Here at LTW, we have created a tried and true method that we incorporate into all of our projects. Whether we are styling a nightstand, coffee table, sideboard or console table, we follow these three steps…

1. Create a color palette of 2-3 colors and stick to it. We tend to do black, white and greenery. (yes, greenery counts as a color).

2. Work within 3-4 elevations. We like to add depth and interest by creating different levels for the eye to land on. For instance, we start with level one which would be a stack of books with a short vase or beads on top. Level two could be a taller bowl and level three a tall vase with long stems or branches – creating three different heights.

3. Pick accessories that create a juxtaposition in either shape or texture (or both). For example, we love to use accessories with clean straight lines (such as an oversized coffee table book) next to others with round, soft curves. Another way to do it is to use a smooth glossy marble piece and layer it with a matte, knobby, porous one. The contrast in texture and shape is what makes for a balanced styling.

See below for some inspo from the many surfaces we have styled in our projects.

Tip: Keep it bold and minimal. To avoid making it too crowded, remember every item you use needs space to breathe.

Happy Styling!