Curating During Quarantine

Did you ever think we would be spending this much time at home? No one could have predicted this in a million years and while we are now working from home full time, teaching our children at home and basically stuck at home everyday we are seeing our spaces with new eyes.

For most of us, our homes were a ‘pass through’ space where we wake up, eat breakfast then head out for the day. Even those who may work from home would go out throughout the day at some point, but now with so much time at home we are facing all the little things we always wanted to do in our house, all the little projects. Maybe hang that picture wall, organize and edit your closet, declutter or redecorate. What ever it is, now more than ever with all the sadness and uncertainty in our world it is important if at least our homes bring us a sense of calm and a project is the perfect distraction.

Studio Mcgee

Style your surfaces whether its a coffee table, dresser, dining or console table you can get creative by playing with different heights and objects to create curated look. And always remember to leave enough space in between to let each item ‘breathe’.

LTW Design

Symmetry + Balance = Calm. The more we have around us the more stress it can create. By using symmetry and balance in our decor, we can create a sense of calm in a space.

Marie Flanigan Interiors
LTW Design

Keep your kitchen pretty! Easier said than done, we know. This room is probably getting more use than any other room and while we are making meals and doing dishes nonstop how nice would it be for the space to feel pretty amid all the chaos? The trees are in bloom, go out and cut a few branches to put in a vase on the counter. You’d be surprised how happy it makes you feel!

Intimate Living Interiors
LTW Design

And last but not least, after you curate your calm space don’t forget self care. As we are constantly multitasking and taking care of everyone else, now more than ever we must take care of ourselves. If you have a tub, take a bath…daily. Yes, daily even if it’s for just 10 minutes…it’s the best way to end your day.