A Collaboration Between Artists – Brush Island Project

Fresh from our recent staging at Brush Island, we had the opportunity to catch up with the Developer to discuss the project which still has everyone buzzing. Read on to find out more and take a peek at our latest video.

Do you ever get that excited feeling when you enter a newly built house?

We certainly do here at LTW Design.  Everything feels crisp and full of possibility.  There is so much potential, as a staging designer, it feels like a place you can immediately put your stamp on.

We had the pleasure of teaming up with renown developer, Paul Harris, to stage his latest spec home made up of 7,900 sq ft with a list price of $7.25 million.  This extremely unique property boasts water views from every single room…including the bathrooms!

Working from a blank canvas in this project gave us full artistic freedom to create a design truly from scratch.  We were brought on very early in the process and had the opportunity to use our inventory of furnishings and artwork to design a complete lifestyle experience for potential buyers.

Surrounded by an abundance of natural beauty, the goal for both the developer and the LTW team was to create an inviting and casually sophisticated environment. We accomplished this by composing a cohesive design inside that incorporated the natural elements from outside for a seamless experience.

So how do we get people asking for the keys?


After several creative meetings sharing our vision of what we both wanted in the space, the Developer handed it over to us to bring that vision to fruition. Trust is crucial as the Developer needs to have full confidence in our firm to “dress” their piece of art and strategically display the focal points and architectural details to set the scene for perusing buyers. We staged every inch of the home’s 7,900 square feet including the mudroom, gym and outdoor pool area to create a complete buyer experience.



In this project specifically, we needed to showcase the dramatic landscaping and waterfront views seen from nearly every room of the house. Early on in the designing process, we decided that the interior staging design had to be cohesive with the exterior setting. To accomplish this, we created a dialogue on the inside through natural textures in our furnishings that spoke to all of the natural elements outside.


We intentionally focused on bringing in the natural elements from outside through the use of texture-rich furnishings such as raw oak furniture, knobby jute rugs, linen, antique brass, smooth velvet and stone. By layering these different textures, we were able to create a natural feeling of depth in each room.

Our design of this project was awarded the 2018 HOBI Award for “Best Home Staging”.

We are humbled and extremely grateful for our work to be recognized at this level.