5 Design Trends to Watch for This Year

Welcome, 2022! At LTW Design, we’ve started the new year by jumping straight into new projects, and catching up with collaborators and clients. 

And, to kick off the first blog of the year, we’re sharing some of Leia’s favorite design trends for 2022.

Southampton Project
  1. Custom. Custom. Custom.

Lead times have turned into a nightmare during the pandemic, so we’ve been thankful to work with amazing local artisans to design our own pieces that are then made here in the US. This year, we plan on leaning into this even more. Going custom allows our clients to have handmade, one-of-a-kind items (such as our Ivy Coffee Table + Cala Cabinet, designed by LTW, below) for their homes that aren’t stuck on cargo ships or continuously delayed.  It’s a win-win for everyone.

South End Project
Noho Project
  1. Low-Profile, Modular Furniture

Livability and adaptability are major musts for people today since many are using their homes for new purposes. We certainly don’t know what this year holds, but modular furniture allows for great flexibility. Our clients can change up their seating arrangements with ease and without sacrificing style. Bringing in low-profile modular furnishings creates the casual sophistication and the minimalist vibe we love, too. 

South End Project
  1. Warmer Tones

Leia is all about blending neutral warm tones to strike a modern, layered, and calming balance. Cool grey’s blended with warm tones used to be avoided, but we are all about it. In 2022, greige is here to stay and you’ll also be seeing plenty of gray oak and white oak in our upcoming projects. 

Mercer Project
Pondfield Project
Dune Project

4.  Textured Walls

Yep, we said it! Textured walls are back but no the 80’s sponge paint texture you’re thinking. We are adding textured walls to our projects in the following ways …lime wash paint, plaster and wallpaper. And we aren’t talking grasscloth wallpaper, (safe to say we’ve moved past that) instead we are using faux suede, velvet and wood wallpaper to add a layer of texture that wraps the room and sets the vibe.

Noho Project
Noho Project

5.  Large Planters + Greenery

When we say large, we mean large. So large that the branches are at least double the height of the vase… we promise, it works! Even in the cold winter, grab clippers and cut bare branches from your yard, just as you would in the summer, and place them inside a large floor vase or pot on the counter. We also love how sculptural an olive tree looks, it’s like adding live art to your space.

South End Project

Be sure to follow along this year to watch how Leia brings these design trends to life in new projects. You can also tag @ltwdesign on Instagram to show us your take on them!