2023 Design Forecast

Trends may ebb and flow, but LTW has always believed in staying true to our design ethos: we curate clean, minimal, and textured spaces that evoke calm, relaxed living. This mission is the narrative that unites our entire portfolio.

With that said, we believe that growth is as essential as a solid foundation. Our work involves travel and collaboration with artisans around the world, and these experiences naturally broaden our perspectives. Rather than fear the new, we remain open-minded and curious. If we love a design element and it’s aligned with our ethos, we embrace it. We evolve. (What is life, after all, if not an evolution of ourselves?)

Marie Astrid Pelsser

As 2023 approaches, our well-loved aesthetic will play host to a number of design elements that we cannot wait to explore. Which calls to you most?

Moody Vibes

You know we love light and bright spaces, but there is so much depth to be found in darker hues. In coming projects, we are embracing moodiness in artful new ways. Whether we’re juxtaposing black and white or layering subtle shades of charcoal, moody hues create a casual sophistication that we love. Done well, the look feels timeless and bold yet calm and peaceful.

Sneak Peek: Our Gather Project

Moody hues, two ways: In the Gather Project, we designed the white entryway with a black concrete console table, black sculpture, and heavy metals for a contrasting, moody vibe. White ottomans and a warm-toned oak ceiling and floor keep the entryway feeling open, spacious, and inviting.

Just off the entry, the home office was the ideal place to go dark. We created a backdrop of deep, black matte walls and dressed them with custom built-ins, a chic light fixture, and black accessories. A warm gray desk, oak floors, and a smooth leather truffle chair keep the space warm and relaxed. Stay tuned for the full reveal of this gorgeous home, coming soon.

Neutral Wallcoverings

We love applying wallpaper as a beautiful base. When incorporated properly, it grounds the room and enhances a space with just the right amount of warmth. While you won’t see us showcasing patterns any time soon, we’re leaning into wallcoverings with bold neutrals and stunning textures.

Del Mar Project

In the Del Mar Project, wallcoverings invite natural warmth into the room, complementing this home’s light and modern vibe.Prepare to see wallpaper used within many of our design projects this coming year, including elevators. Because your 1-minute ride to your home’s second (or third) floor should be enjoyable.

Warmer Hues

Minimalist interiors are often misunderstood for being stark, sterile, or cold. We have found the opposite to be true. When strategically combined with the right amount of warmth, a minimal interior will feel comforting, welcoming, and breathable.

Mercer Project

While we probably won’t say goodbye to grays forever, we are attracted to the warmer ambiance created by natural brown tones, like camel and taupe. We are also embracing beautiful warm-toned woods, velvet throw pillows in taupe greige, cozy throw blankets in varying neutrals, and textured vintage planters.

Natural Stone

Lately, we have been attracted more and more to natural stone — and that attraction goes beyond marble. Rough hewn stone with natural texture adds a raw beauty and depth to interiors that no other design element can achieve.

Sissy + Marley

Perfectly imperfect, stone comes with uneven surfaces and unpredictable organic edges. Its raw beauty forges a connection to the outdoors and adds a touch of the unexpected. If you can’t commit to a stone wall, oversized stone planters or furnishings with stone elements are a great option. We can’t wait to explore this design medium in greater depth.


Negative Space

Life can often feel chaotic and out of control, but our homes shouldn’t. Our minimalist style is not about having less. It’s about using negative space to create room for more — more breathing, relaxing, living, and playing.

Cove Project
South End Project

We are very intentional about what we include in a home and, more importantly, what we plan to leave out. Not only does negative space provide a deep, visual breath and allow the eye to settle, but it also gives you room to grow into your home, as you travel, your kids mature, and sentimental items accumulate.

Layered Textures

Texture has always been a design staple for us, and it will continue to hold a prominent role in our projects. Thoughtfully layering texture is by far the most impactful way to add depth, comfort, and dimension to  a crisp, refined space.

Meadow Project

Aside from textured wallcoverings and natural stone, you could embrace texture in your home with linens, smooth marble, raw wood, or soft velvet. We also stray toward upholstered furniture, drapery with a thick stack back, and thoughtfully placed throw pillows and blankets. Layered well, these textures make a room feel balanced, comfortable, and elevated.

Soft Curves

Clean lines have, and will continue to be, essential to creating peaceful spaces and casual sophistication. To juxtapose those sharp edges and create visual contrast, we are embracing a more gentle spectrum of curved furnishings. 


We are drawn to circular tables, rounded decorative accents, and smooth arches. When introduced into a room full of straight lines, the look becomes soft, natural (how many 90° angles do you see in nature?), and with a hint of the unexpected. Curves are also super kid-friendly.


Curating What You Love

Design is ever-changing and through years of experience, we’ve found comfort and calm in curating spaces that inspire, connect, and hold true to our signature LTW design aesthetic. Every home has a unique story to tell, and we love unearthing that story through a beautiful marriage of our experiences and yours.

If you share our love of calm, chic, and livable spaces, drop us a line…. we can’t wait to work with you.